All of our pieces are handmade and shipped from our workshop in Mexico City. Please allow for increased shipping time.
All of our pieces are handmade and shipped from our workshop in Mexico City. Please allow for increased shipping time.
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We are Phoebe & Annette.

All our lives, we have been surrounded by art and by artists. Design is in our lineage. Anndra Neen is the manifestation of our unique sensibility, a means of both honoring our creative legacy and evolving it by producing jewelry and accessories we consider modern heirlooms.

We are looking to return to a luxury that is enduring and personal.

We believe in the totemic power of objects that are lovingly made and passed down over generations. When a woman wears Anndra Neen, we want her to feel that it was made especially for her

Standing out is a lifeline. 

Growing up bicultural, we never felt like we fit a mold, but we used that to our advantage. What our style says about us is that we don't want to blend in. It took us many years not to feel guilty about the fact that we were obsessed with clothing and style; people tend to think it's superficial. 

For us, getting dressed is about deep creative expression.

It's about creating visual paintings with clothing.

Every day is an opportunity to play with texture, color and form on the body. Sometimes it's hard to stand out, but for us it's a lifeline.  

Death is to conform. 

We are interested in the way exaggerated clothing shapes look like abstract forms on the body. We view them in the same way we would view a sculpture.

We want to inspire people to find their own voice.

The clothing we wore in this look was designed by our good friend, Chilean designer Pola Thompson. We love the cuts on her silhouettes - they are fashion forward pieces that also accentuate the female form.

We are true believers in making a statement... or two or three! Whether it be a bright shoe, a hand-dyed Neon Zinn necklace or an Anndra Neen bag designed for the runway. More is more is more!

There is nothing more elegant, more full of luxury and more appropriate for a black tie gala than an artisanal piece. We are incredibly passionate about investing in artisanal pieces - they are unique and timeless. 

Color Blocks

Our Spring / Summer 2015 show featured our signature cage clutch with fresh water pearls, statement chokers using hand-etched glass, and a series of pieces with Lapis Lazuli. Model clothing was designed by our Mexican friend Lorena Saravia.

Shop the looks!

Triangle Swing Necklace

Our triangle swing necklace is made entirely of brass and is a perfect lightweight statement piece to wear anywhere, day or night.

Cage Choker & Barrel Cuff

Inspired by our father's bolo ties, we created the cage tie choker. Wear it with a jumpsuit, dress, or tailored suit.

Cage Cuff

One of our very first pieces, the cage cuff is great arm candy - or armor!

Take a look inside our world...

We decorate our spaces in the same way we design our pieces, with a personal and creative touch. We collect art and objects from around the world, placing them in our spaces in such a way that they are able to live, breathe and transform alongside us.