All of our pieces are handmade and shipped from our workshop in Mexico City. Please allow for increased shipping time.
All of our pieces are handmade and shipped from our workshop in Mexico City. Please allow for increased shipping time.
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The Making of a Cage Clutch

Every Cage Clutch is hand-made by the artisans we work with every day in our Mexico City workshop. A Cage Clutch takes approximately 16 hours to complete start to finish.

Each piece is unique to the woman or man who wears it. 

When you wear our jewelry and accessories, we want you to sense the
hand of the artisan in every piece. 

Throughout the years, our Cage Clutch has become our signature item.

We wanted every person who wore a Cage Clutch to decorate it with their own objects - many people get shy about the world seeing what they carry with them. 

We wanted to empower people to show off their inner selves and have some fun with it!

It all begins with the design...

All of our pieces a born out of a true design collaboration. We sit together for weeks conceptualizing new collections, looking at mood boards and talking about what inspires us. Inspiration can come from anywhere - a Le Corbusier church, a French Vogue magazine from the 80's (we collect them!), a trip we take together, or even a spectacularly plated dish at a restaurant. Many times, one of us will begin a design and the other will finish it. We then sketch every piece out together, editing down the sketches to a cohesive group. 

We design straight from our hearts

Every piece we create must have soul, be authentic and innovative.

breathing life into a sketch

We have been blessed to work with incredibly talented artisans for over ten years. They are true artists who bring our sketches to three-dimensional life. Each piece is a creative collaboration between our designs and their unique silver-smithing technique.

They are an integral part of the Anndra Neen family.

Every piece is soldered entirely by hand.

Their edges are smoothed, sanded and shaped perfectly to fit together.

They are then polished...

...And clean-dried in sawdust.

When you purchase an Anndra Neen piece...

You are supporting a centuries old jewelry-making technique as well as the trained artisans that specialize in it.
Sadly, less and less artisans are able to find work due to globalization and an increase in machine-made jewelry factories. 

We are proud to have a sustainable production facility that creates unique pieces you can't find anywhere else.

Help us to support local artisanal craftsmanship!